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These injectables consist of various vitamins, nutrients, and other ingredients purportedly used to aid in weight loss. Some of the most common ingredients in these shots include:


  • Vitamin B-12

  • Vitamin B-6

  • Vitamin B complex

  • L-carnitine

  • Megaburn

Diet and Nutrition

Your package includes a nutritional book designed specifically for you, which includes tips and recipes as well. 


When combined with counseling on diet and exercise, Wellbutrin SR daily for 24 weeks helped obese adults lose 7% or 10% of their body weight, respectively. Continuing the medication for another 24 weeks helped them maintain this weight loss.

Low Dose Naltrexone

LDN appears to contribute to weight loss by a number of mechanisms. Studies have shown that LDN may help curb your appetite by reducing the appeal of food. As a result, you start losing your cravings for food. LDN may also aid in increasing the body’s growth hormone levels. Growth hormone helps in weight loss by facilitating the building of lean muscles and burning of fats. Insulin resistance is another issue. It contributes to weight gain, obesity, and a number of other diseases like diabetes, heart attacks, and strokes. LDN helps reduce insulin resistance therefore, not only does it have the potential to help with weight loss, but it may also address other potential diseases.

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